We’re sending a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card when you enroll in any plan during the month of October.
Switch to or set up electricity service with Town Square Energy, and we send you a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card.

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Who is eligible?
We will send a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card to each new customer who elects and starts a new electricity service with Town Square Energy from October 1st thru October 31st, 2020.

How do I start new electricity service?
Begin by choosing a plan here. You may select any term or product we have available.

How will I receive my Amazon.com Gift Card code?
We will send a claim link to the primary account holder’s e-mail address on file approximately 5-10 days after we receive confirmation of your new electricity service.

What if I don’t want a Amazon.com Gift Card, can I get something else instead?
No substitutions will be offered, please feel free to forward the claim link e-mail to someone who would appreciate your generosity!