Have you seen us in your neighborhood? Our door to door consultants want to bring you new electric rates and exceptional customer experience we offer.  Our trained sales agents are in communities informing customers about deregulation and offering Town Square Energy plans.


The job of a Town Square Energy agent is to inform you about our price plans. You decide if the plan is right for you. You should never feel pressured or tricked into making a decision. Ask the following questions before entering into contract:

  1. What is the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) – electric and for how long do I get that rate?  The rate and term being offered is printed on the sales form or disclosed in the Third Party Verification recording.
  2. Will there be a switching fee? Town Square Energy does not sell plans with enrollment fees through direct sales. You should never give an agent money or credit card information.
  3. What is the rescission period?  All Town Square Energy programs have a rescission period that varies by state.
  4. Is there a fee if I cancel the contract early?  Some Town Square Energy plans have early termination fees. Refer to the sales forms for associated fees.
  5. Is there a customer incentive for signing up?  From time to time, Town Square Energy may offer an incentive to sign up. The offer will be clearly printed on the sales agreement. If you do not see written documentation, it is not a Town Square Energy offer.
  6. What happens when my contract expires?  The sales agent can show you on the sales form the renewal terms that apply to the plan being offered.


All sales are required to go through Third Party Verification to ensure you agree to the exact plan details. If the sales agent made any claims or promises not verified on the call, do not enroll. If the agent tells you to “Just say yes” to the questions, do not enroll and instruct the agent to leave your home.


Town Square Energy agents pass background checks, complete sales and industry training, pass our Energy Test and commit to our Code of Conduct. Town Square Energy agents agree to the following:

  • Conduct myself with the utmost professionalism and respect for the customer and Town Square Energy.
  • Always wear and display my Name Badge.
  • Always wear my Town Square Energy uniform.
  • Immediately upon request provide the name of my manager including the address, telephone number and email address for inquiries, verification and complaints.
  • Clearly communicate to a prospect that I represent Town Square Energy to ensure the customer understands that I do not represent the utility or any governmental agency.
  • Explain to the customer the difference between Town Square Energy and the local utility.
  • Request to speak with the Account Holder/Customer of Record with the utility.
  • Immediately leave the premises of a customer when requested to do so by the customer or the owner or occupant of the premises.
  • Use discretion when marketing to persons with insufficient English language skills, poor comprehension, an underage appearance or the elderly.
  • Refrain from using deceptive or misleading statements in order to see a prospect’s utility bill. I will only ask to see their bill if the prospect expresses interest in the Town Square Energy offer.
  • Explain to the customer that the rate is only for the specified term and any future rates are unknown.
  • I will not make any savings claims or imply any product benefit that is not part of the program.
  • Fully explain and confirm with the customer the offer, terms and all other important information required so the customer can make an informed decision.
  • Advise customers on utility payment assistance programs that enrolling with Town Square Energy may impact their eligibility and recommend that they verify their eligibility with their local utility.


Town Square Energy strives to train and maintain a professional and courteous sales staff. Our agents are instructed to conduct themselves with the customer’s best interest in mind at all time. Should any agent representing the Town Square Energy brand act inappropriate in any way, we want to know immediately. Please call us at +1 (877) 430-0093 or Email Our Customer Care