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Offering an alternative to your utility

We believe in offering “Choice” to our customers…every time. We deliver an option to your utility company for electric supply.

Town Square Energy is  your residential electric supplier. We are excited to bring our wholesale energy experience to your state. We provide service to 8 states in the North Eastern United States for both resident and commercial needs. 

Residential locations we serve:

Our customers value the straightforward pricing we provide through our comprehensive plan and rate packages. We offer personalized service in every area in which we operate, and aim for transparency at all times.

Look for yourself and compare prices. Find out why Town Square Energy is the perfect choice for your electric company.

How we help you with your electricity bill

Originally your local utility was responsible for both supplying and delivering your energy, but in recent years legislation has deregulated the electricity market. You now have a choice.

We are a third party electricity company with the ability to access electricity rates on the market.

Is it hard to change?

Many local utility company encourage consumers to shop around for their electric supply. It costs nothing to switch to Town Square Energy, however you may want to check that there will not be a cancellation fee to leave your current provider.

Once enrolled, your electricity will begin flowing from Town Square Energy right after your next meter read, which typically takes place within 14 to 45 days. You’ll also receive a letter from your utility company confirming Town Square Energy as your new electric supplier.

Everything happens automatically for you, and we guarantee there will be no interruption of service.

My power is out! Who do I call?

Your local utility company still maintains your delivery system and the reliability of your power. They will handle any physical service or outages for you. Your local utility company is still there to service and support you. For your convenience, we have listed contact information for your local utility.

Is Town Square Energy experienced?

Town Square Energy is knowledgeable, licensed and customer focused. Our expert energy traders, operations and customer service teams work hard to bring alternative rates and plans to our clients.

Have a question or need help? Just call us. (877) 430-0093 We will assist you any way we can.

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