Licensed suppliers are required to post the Variable Rates.
The following table shows this information for Town Square Energy.

Territories for Massachusetts

Town Square Energy Variable Rates

(Values shown in $/kWh)

TerritoryDateTypeTSE Rate ($/kWh)
March 2023Brown0.1997
March 2023Green0.2197
March 2023Brown0.1997
March 2023Green0.2197
Unitil MA
March 2023Brown0.1997
March 2023Green0.2197
March 2023Brown0.1897
March 2023Green0.2097

The table above shows regular Town Square Energy Variable Rates. If you chose a fixed-price plan and following the expiration of your initial Term your service continued on a month-to-month basis with a variable price, your price will be 10.97 cents/kWh for standard electricity and 11.97 cents/kWh for green/renewable electricity for the first two bill cycles. These transitional prices apply to all Massachusetts territories. The purpose of these transitional prices is to provide CLARITY on your upcoming prices, and TIME to shop for another Town Square Energy price plan. After these two billing cycles, you will roll to our standard variable rate which may change on a monthly basis.