Updated October 2019

It is Town Square Energy’s policy to comply with all federal and state laws including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, the FTC Telephone Sales Rule, and all applicable state regulations.

Consumers that do not want to receive sales and marketing calls from Town Square Energy can request that their phone number be placed on the Town Square Energy Do Not Call list. All requests will be immediately added to our Do Not Call list (also known as our DNC list). Please allow up to 30 days for a phone number to be removed from any active sales programs.

Requests can be made in writing or by telephone.

Town Square Energy Customer Care at (877) 430-0093

Write to:
Town Square Energy Compliance Manager, 2200 E Williams Field Rd, Suite 200, Gilbert, AZ 85295. Be sure to include your name and all phone numbers you want to be included on our DNC list.

Phone numbers remain on our Do Not Call List indefinitely unless requested to be removed.

Consumers with registered phone numbers on the Town Square Energy Do Not Call list will not receive sales and marketing calls by anyone representing Town Square Energy. The consumer may still be contacted for non-solicitation and non-telemarketing purposes including billing and other account-related matters.

Registration on Town Square Energy’s Do Not Call List only restricts sales and marketing contacts from Town Square Energy. Consumers can register their phone number on the National Do Not Call List by calling 888-382-1222 or going online at