Who are we?

Town Square Energy is a community-based electricity company. Our aim is to provide you with more choice, and an alternative to your electric supplier. We are wholesale energy experts, and we translate our experience into market-leading options for our customers. We are a forward-thinking, values-driven company that measures multiple bottom lines, and we efficiently aim to build your trust, and serve you to the highest of standards.

We are nimble and responsive to market changes and our wholesale operations leverage experience in every major deregulated market in North America. Our extensive understanding of energy markets and trading allows us to provide you with the great energy-plan alternatives, and we have the skills and resources needed to build meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships with every segment of the market.

How can we offer you value?

As wholesale energy experts, we have over 100 years of combined wholesale trading expertise and experience within our organization. We run a tight ship, with low overhead and an efficient team of professionals. We believe that when our customers are happy, our business is thriving, and so we are always striving to offer you the very best value we can.

We spend less on marketing and more on developing positive relationships, offer ELECTRICITY RATE PACKAGES, and use word-of-mouth and the satisfaction of our loyal customers to continue to promote our products.

We provide you with choice to best meet your energy needs by offering multiple scenarios with both locked-in, and variable pricing. Depending on your individual needs and level of comfort with changing prices in the deregulated marketplace, we can help you, our customer, to find the right option for you.