TSE Gives Its Customers a Choice

Electricity is key component for the main function and success of every business. When you choose Town Square, you choose great value and great service. We provide what you need to make a knowledgeable decision about your business electricity supplier and plan, and we take our commitment to commercial customers seriously.

Town Square Energy offers our services in states like Massachusetts that have deregulated electricity markets where customers have the ability to compare several plans from different providers against each other. In a deregulated market, providers compete for your business. Town Square Energy embraces competition, because we believe it presents the best opportunity to serve our customers. Competition results in lower electricity rates, and higher standards for customer service. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business, and show you why Town Square Energy is a cut above the competition.

TSE shares its industry-leading expertise

At Town Square Energy, we’re as passionate about our business as you are about yours. We believe that building and sustaining our electricity expertise is the best way to offer consistently excellent service to our commercial customers. Our team’s expert knowledge covers every facet of the electricity industry, from production and distribution to the many factors that influence electricity prices in the market. Low rates are just the beginning of what you can expect when switching to Town Square Energy.

Low rates can directly benefit your business. Town Square Energy’s purchasing power allows us to lock in discounted rates by purchasing kilowatt hours in bulk. When we get better rates, you get better rates. We pass our discounts on to our customers. Making the switch is easy, too. Your electricity will still come from your local provider, so you won’t have to deal with any interruption in service. The big change will come when you receive your first monthly bill, and see how much lower your electricity rate has become.

Purchase electricity on your terms

The electricity market is influenced by many of the same factors that drive prices in any public market. Prices can change based on time of year and time of day, even down to the minute. Costs rise with demand, which is why your electricity bills tend to be higher during months when extreme weather is common. When Worcester and Boston are buried under another winter storm, area residents consume a lot of electricity to keep warm and clear snow. That’s why electricity prices tend to spike during the frigid winter months.

At Town Square Energy, we believe electricity service providers should give customers a choice when it’s time to select a payment plan, so we offer both variable and fixed-rate pricing. Variable pricing is tied to the electricity market, so rates will rise and fall depending on market variables. Fixed-rate pricing remains the same, no matter how the electricity market is performing. Variable pricing is less consistent, but can provide better rates overall, so it’s a great option for customers who understand their energy use. Fixed-rate pricing is consistent and will allow you to budget well ahead of time, but typically costs slightly more than variable pricing.

We recommend using a mix of both options, and we’re more than happy to help you switch back and forth between plans. When costs rise during the warmest and coldest months, fixed-rate pricing allows you to pay less than the market rate for electricity. Variable pricing will keep your costs down when the weather is less extreme. As part of our commitment to customer service, we’ll send you a reminder at the most opportune times to switch plans.

Town Square Energy takes a no-pressure approach

We understand that you have a choice in electricity providers, and we’ll never try to win your business with high-pressure sales tactics. In fact, Town Square Energy takes a no-pressure approach. We work hard to earn your business by offering the best service, rates, and assistance in the industry. Running a business is hard work, and we don’t aim to make it any harder. Our no-pressure team is here to offer help when you need it, and we’ll never try to force you into a purchase. We rarely charge cancellation fees, and always aim to put the customer first. With Town Square Energy, no-pressure service is simply part of the package.

Town Square will help you save

Beating the heat is your first priority during a sweltering summer heatwave in Cape Cod, but saving on electricity doesn’t rank far behind for business owners. At Town Square Energy, we offer more than just great rates to keep your costs down. We’re also here to help you understand how you use energy, how your energy used impacts your bill, and how you can make your business more energy efficient. We provide several educational resources – including our Electricity Learning Centre – and our customer service staff is always happy to help.

Town Square Energy is also committed to offering the latest technological solutions to help you monitor and manage your energy use. We offer smart electricity meters, so that you’ll always have the data you needed to make informed decisions on electricity. When a promising new piece of technology emerges, we’re always excited to try it out and share its benefits with our commercial electricity customers.

Providing a wide variety of plans and terms

Ever locate a promising deal on energy, only to find out that it’s not being offered in your part of the state? Unfortunately, it happens all too often. But not with Town Square Energy. You’ll find the same low rates and excellent service, regardless of where in Massachusetts your business is located. We also avoid promotional rates. You get the rate you signed up for, without any unexpected leaps in price. Promotions expire, but our great rates do not.

If you’re still on the fence, sign up for a risk-free trial. The trial lasts for three months, with no further commitment necessary. We believe that three months is more than enough for us to show you the Town Square difference. Our customer service reps are always ready to help, so feel free to drop us a line by phone or email. We look forward to earning your business!