Competition provides customer choice

Electricity is the unseen pulse of every thriving New Jersey business. We are committed to delivering consistent, reliable commercial electricity rates and services at excellent value. We provide our customers information and resources to help in making knowledgeable choices, and always strive for complete transparency.

From the smallest seafood stands at the shore to the largest financial centers in Jersey City, every business relies on a steady flow of electricity to offer quality service to its customers.

In the commercial electricity marketplace, deregulation ultimately means more choice for your business. States that aren’t deregulated typically rely on one private electricity provider to service every customer. When there’s no competition, there’s no incentive for that one private company to improve customer service, or offer competitive rates.

In deregulated markets, competition is open to the public, which allows you to pick the provider that’s best suited to your needs from a wide range of electricity companies. Town Square Energy operates in deregulated markets because we value and welcome the benefits that come from competition. We believe that competition ultimately leads to better rates, and better service for our customers. You deserve a choice in electricity providers. We work to make that choice as easy as possible.

Energy Expertise

Energy is more than a commodity at Town Square Energy. It’s our passion. Our knowledge of the commercial electricity markets puts us in the unique position to offer the rates and services our commercial customers need most. As an accredited wholesale electricity company, Town Square Energy is able to work with directly with state-wide energy providers to secure the best possible rates for our customers.

The process is simple. First, we purchase secure kilowatt hours in large amounts, which allows us access to reduced rates. After that, we pass the savings on directly to our customers. When you switch to Town Square Energy, your service will be uninterrupted and you’ll still receive electricity from your local provider. You’ll just be getting better value.

Offering Variable and Fixed-Rate Pricing

We offer both variable and fixed-rate plans, giving you the power to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

The electricity market is like any other market, in that electricity rates shift based on a complex set of variables. If you live in a city like Newark, for example, you know that your electricity bill is always higher during the steamy summer months. That’s because hot weather leads to high demand, as people all around the city turn on their air-conditioners to keep cool. Rates can even vary simply based on the time of day that electricity is being used.

To give our customers maximum choice, Town Square Energy offers both variable and fixed-rate pricing. Variable pricing is based on the real-time market for electricity, so that you always pay the going rate. It’s the perfect option for energy-conscious customers, and generally leads to lower bills over time if you are conscious of your use and the market conditions. With fixed-rate pricing, you pay the same rate no matter the market conditions, and so may be more beneficial for budgeting purposes.

We recommend a mix of variable and fixed pricing for most of our commercial clients. Variable pricing helps during the more temperate months, while fixed pricing keeps your costs down during the summer and winter. We’ll even send you a notice when it’s time to switch plans, to ensure you get maximum savings!

No-Pressure Electricity Provider

At Town Square Energy, we put the customer first. We understand the challenges that come with running a profitable business, and look to help our clients in any way we can. That means you can always expect a no-pressure attitude from our staff. We’re not looking to upsell you, and we rarely ever charge cancellation fees. It’s our job to earn your business, and we take that commitment seriously. Our aim is to win your trust with affordable rates and excellent service, not through high-pressure sales tactics.

More Than Electricity

It’s the middle of January, and Paterson is digging out from yet another snowstorm. Your energy bills are rising as the temperature drops, and you’re looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your business. Where do you turn for help? Town Square Energy has you covered. Offering valuable, actionable advice is a core element of our commitment to customers.

Our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency allows us to provide tips that help keep your electricity costs down across the state.

We don’t stop at advice, either. Town Square Energy also believes in the power of smart technology, and we back up that belief by offering smart meters to our customers. With a smart meter, you will be able to better understand and monitor your electricity use, which ultimately leads to energy savings for your business. We believe in staying on the cutting edge, and we constantly look to offer new tools that improve the experience of our customers.

Town Square Energy is also committed to the environment. We offer an exclusive, 100 percent renewable energy plan for environmentally conscious customers. When you choose the renewable plan, renewable energy certificates from wind-generated power offset your energy use.

Same Great Rates State-Wide

Some business electricity suppliers charge different rates from city to city, even within the same state. Town Square Energy does not. We believe in providing fair rates to all of our commercial clients, and we offer the same deals no matter where in New Jersey your business is located. Our rates aren’t promotional, so you can trust that you’ll get the great rate you sign up for will remain consistent over time.

We also offer a risk-free, three-month trial for new clients interested in experiencing the Town Square difference. It’s just one more way to show our belief in earning your business. Our friendly, experienced customer service staff can be reached by email and phone, and is ready to respond to your needs around the clock. Start your risk-free trial today, and learn first-hand why Town Square Energy is the perfect choice for your commercial electricity needs.