Town Square Energy supports competition

Electricity is at the heart of every successful Pennsylvania business, and Town Square Energy is committed to providing excellent commercial electricity services across the state. We offer the same affordable, non-promotional rates state-wide, with variable and fixed-rate pricing plans to suit the diverse needs of our commercial customers. Our customers can expect the latest technological tools to manage energy efficiency, valuable advice from our vast collection of energy resources, and unmatched customer service.

In some states, the electricity market is regulated so that one private electric company supplies the whole state with electricity. That’s bad news for commercial electricity customers, because it leaves you without any choice in business electricity suppliers. Lack of choice means lack of competition, and lack of competition ultimately leads to higher rates and worse service for customers.

Town Square Energy believes in the power of competition. Deregulated markets open competition to the public, which means that many electricity providers are able to operate in the same state. With more companies competing in the same space, customers can choose from a more robust selection of electricity rates and services At Town Square Energy, we strive to offer great rates and superior customer service no matter what the competition is doing, and always work to ensure that our commercial customers get the quality they deserve.

Passing energy expertise on

Electricity is our passion at Town Square Energy, and that passion is one of the key elements that sets us apart from the competition. We’re energy experts, and we aim to share our expertise with our customers every day. We understand all of the complexities of how electricity is produced, priced and distributed. Our knowledge of electricity markets allows us to ensure that you are always getting the best possible price on electricity, based on real-time market conditions.

Town Square Energy is an accredited wholesale electricity company. By purchasing kilowatt hours in bulk, we’re able to obtain reduced rates on electricity. So we buy in bulk, which allows us to offer better electricity rates to our customers. In other words, we don’t waste any time before passing this onto you. Switching to Town Square Energy is a seamless process, with no interruption of service. Your electricity will still come from your local provider, but you’ll be getting it at a far better rate thanks to Town Square Energy’s purchasing power.

TSE Offers Options, With Variable and Fixed-Rate Pricing

The electricity market, like most markets, is constantly in flux. Prices can change by the day, the hour, and sometimes even by the minute. Rates rise and fall based on the weather, the time of year, and a whole host of connected variables, even in cities where the weather is relatively stable, such as Pittsburgh. When the summer haze hits, for example, everyone in the city tries to find ways to stay cool, and air-conditioners are running in every home in Philadelphia. High usage puts stress on the grid of your commercial electricity provider, and high demand ultimately leads to higher electricity prices. The same is true in the dead of winter, when heaters are blasting all over.

Pricing is one of the areas where the expertise of the team at Town Square Energy really shines. We aim to offer our customers as many options as possible when choosing how to purchase electricity. In order to expand your options, we offer both variable and fixed-rate pricing plans. With a fixed-rate plan, your price is constant and doesn’t change with the market (only with your use). Variable pricing changes based on the conditions of the market, so that your rate varies based on demand. Fixed-rate pricing is ideal for customers who need to plan a consistent budget, while variable pricing is a great choice for customers who are conscious of their energy use, and understand the factors that cause electricity prices to fluctuate.

The best part is that you don’t even have to choose between variable and fixed-rate plans forever. We encourage our customers to use a mix of both, based on what pricing option is most beneficial at a given time. Variable pricing is ideal during the pleasant weather of spring and fall, while fixed pricing will help during the high-demand months of spring and summer. When it’s time to switch plans, we’ll send you a reminder to make sure you’re always getting the best deal on electricity.

No high-pressure sales

Everything we do at Town Square Energy, from our pricing plans to our energy education initiatives, is designed to offer the best possible service to our customers. We’re a business, too, and we understand the challenges that business owners face every day. That’s why we’re fully committed to providing a no-pressure experience, from start to finish. We never use high-pressure sales tactics, and we rarely ever charge cancellation fees. We believe in earning your business through merit, and we’ll work hard to do just that. No matter the size of your business and the nature of your electricity needs, we’re more than happy to help.

Energy resources

When ski season arrives and snow starts falling in Allentown, keeping your energy costs down can be a major task. The team at Town Square Energy is here to help, and we offer more than just great rates to keep your costs in line. We’re believe in education, and we also believe in helping our customers make informed decisions on energy use. You can count on us for access to a vast amount of resources and hands-on advice from our skilled, friendly staff. Our goal is to help you spend less on electricity, and get maximum efficiency from your energy use.

Technology is an important tool for achieving those goals. Town Square Energy is constantly evaluating new technological tools, and we pass the best ones on to our customers. Smart meters are especially popular, allowing business owners to better understand and optimize their energy use. You can be sure that when beneficial new technology hits the market, Town Square Energy will be among the first to embrace it.

Provides choice in plans and terms

Tired of locating strong electricity deals, only to read the fine print and find out that the deal is not available in your area of the state? Town Square Energy offers consistent pricing to all residents of the states where we do business. It doesn’t matter which part of Pennsylvania your company calls home. You can expect the same great rates, no matter what. And our rates are never promotional, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected price jumps.

Still not convinced? No problem. If you want to see what Town Square Energy has to offer, try a risk-free, three-month trial. Our experienced support staff is standing by to address all of your electricity needs, and you can reach us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!