Eversource announces electric-supply increases right in time for summer

July 3rd, 2018

BREAKING NEWS – EVERSOURCE (PSNH) RATE INCREASE ON AUGUST 1: Eversource New Hampshire (PSNH) announced a new standard supply-rate of 9.41¢/kWh that goes into effect on August 1st, 2018 for all customers purchasing their electricity supply directly from Eversource. This is nearly a 20% increase from Eversource’s current standard rate of 7.9¢/kWh. You may read Eversource’s press release here.

Rather pay 15% Below Eversource’s increase? 

Secure a supply-rate of 7.97¢ that remains fixed for 16 months with Town Square Energy to avoid this new rate. Town Square Energy’s rate is 15% below the announced increase from Eversource, which goes into effect on August 1st. There are zero fees and you may cancel your service with zero penalties. This offer is only available until Sunday, July 8th and for the first 1000 customers who apply.

Eversource Electric Rate Increase August 2018

Eversource announces supply-rate increase of nearly 20% as New Hampshire residents settle into summer. Photo courtesy of Pexels

Highlights of promotion and how to enroll:


  • Visit www.StopYourShock.com
  • Enter Your Zip Code
  • Select the Stop Your Shock special rate of 7.97/kilowatt hour – Fixed for 16 months – this rate is more than 15% lower than Eversource’s new standard offer.
  • ZERO Enrollment, ZERO Service, and ZERO Termination Fees
  • Offer expires 7/8/2018
  • Available to the First 1000 customers only

Things to Remember:


  • It makes no difference to the utility if you switch, in fact, the NH Public Utility Commission lists all the suppliers you can switch to on their website.
  • Your rate will remain fixed for 16 months, meaning it won’t go up or down, even if the utility goes up or down
  • You need a copy of your current electric bill and your account number handy so we can alert the utility of your new rate
  • You can cancel your service with Town Square Energy at any time without penalty and go back to the utlity
  • There are no additional fees to switching service


See all rates available at www.stopyourshock.com

For more information please contact the Town Square Energy customer care team, M-F 9am-5pm EST toll free at 1-877-430-0093

You may also contact [email protected] with any additional comments or questions.

Brad Martin and J. Scott Contributed to this article


About Town Square Energy: 

Just because you pay the utilities to deliver your electricity, doesn’t mean you have to buy it from them too. We provide alternative electric supply-rate options to the millions of residential and small commercial utility customers in 8 states and more than 30 utility markets. We make it easy – Compare our electric-supply rate plans with your utility’s current standard electric rate.

Enroll your home or business in a new electric rate either online or over the phone by selecting one of our plan options in your utility service territory. Switching to Town Square Energy takes less than a few minutes and you will receive a welcome letter with all the details of your new electric rate plan.

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