Our Company

An innovative company built for the futureWe are passionate about giving our customers a way to live a life that is easier, more affordable, and more satisfying.   Our team is made of veterans in the energy and sales industry who know the biggest problems faced by the energy industry and have the experience to lead the way for the next generation of energy companies.

Providing transparency with a customer-centric focus and a commitment to improving the environment are core to who we are and the company we are building.

Our Vision

Innovation is at our core.  Our team knows that the energy industry can improve.  We leverage the latest technology and introduce it to retail energy to give you best customer experience, most transparency, and highest value as our customer.

Our Mission

We are committed to being the highest standard in retail energy delivering stability, value, and innovation to each customer, employee, and community we serve.

Our Team

We are entrepreneurs who are changing the status quo in the energy industry

Experience sets our company apart.  We know the state of the retail energy industry, and the need for innovation and improvement to provide superior products, valuable services, and unparalleled customer experience to you. We want the opportunity to gain your business and will work tirelessly to serve you as a Town Square Energy customer.