Attention Natural Gas Customers – Significant Price Increase Expected to Remain.

As a valued customer of Town Square Energy, we want to notify you that we are expecting sustained energy cost increases that may impact renewing fixed-rate customers and variable rate customers.

Natural gas prices are rising and could be the most expensive in the last 13 years. We highly recommend that you shop for the appropriate term/rate that best fits your needs. 

Town Square Energy has seen an unprecedented increase in wholesale natural gas prices and we expect this will affect the cost of providing service to our customers. All of our customers should evaluate their price plans in advance.   Town Square Energy recommends that all consumers visit their State’s shopping website to evaluate their price-plan options.


As of September 2021 natural gas prices have nearly doubled from earlier that year.  This is due to a combination of supply concerns and the incoming increases in demand during the following year.

Overseas increases in natural gas prices are now impacting domestic prices for natural gas.

The expected jump in prices may impact the cost of heating homes with natural gas, as well as the cost of electricity for households throughout North America.

If you have any questions about the above changes, contact us at 888.998.1928.

We thank you for your support and continued business.


The Town Square Energy Team.