Town Square Energy – Connecticut’s Electricity Supplier

We all rely on electricity for essentially every task throughout our day – from our work to our life at home.  Electricity is our passion, and at Town Square Energy we aim to provide alternative electricity rates and excellent service to our Connecticut customers. We pride ourselves in our goal to deliver you straightforward and simple options.

Because of deregulation of the electricity market, Connecticut residential and commercial customers can enjoy more alternatives to their local utility.

Your energy plans

We want to always provide our clients with the information they need to make an informed decision about their electricity plans.

We provide:

  • Simple and easy to understand plans
  • Various term lengths ranging from short-term 4-months to extra long-term plans that can extend beyond 20 months, depending on State and Utility
  • Easy to use website with real time rates in our service areas
  • Streamlined enrollment forms
  • 100% renewable energy plans are offered in different states
  • In-house Customer Care call center to help you choose the best plan for your needs
  • Support by Phone, Email, Chat and SMS
  • Convenient hours of operation

Energy experts in the wholesale market

Our years of expertise in the residential and commercial electricity market give Town Square an edge on delivering comprehensive energy plans, whether for variable or fixed rates.  Our experience allows us to anticipate trends in the market conditions.

What are Variable and Fixed electricity rates?

Variable electricity rates fluctuate in accordance with the market. Since market conditions can fluctuate many times throughout the year, a variable rate may fluctuate to reflect the market.

A fixed electricity rate, on the other hand, is a rate that is set (fixed) for a determined length of time – the term length. A fixed rate provides the advantage of being constant throughout its term, and offers predictability and stability during times of market volatility. Town Square Energy only offers fixed rates in Connecticut. We also offer tiered rates, which are two fixed rates that are combined into one single product. Fixed rates can be grouped into short-term, mid-term and long-term plans, with term lengths that span anywhere from as little as 4 months to over 20 months.

Town Square Energy services

Why not give Town Square Energy a try for your residential and commercial electricity needs? We service the state of Connecticut and other States. If you have any questions, you can access our expertly staffed customer service center by phone, email, chat and SMS. We would be happy to serve your energy needs. Give us a try!