Town Square Energy provides choice

Town Square Energy is offering electricity services in the State of New Jersey.  Everyday you rely heavily on your electric supplier to provide your home with energy. From waking up to an alarm in the morning, making toast, your commute to work, to logging into your computer – we all depend on electricity.

New Jersey is a deregulated State, which means that customers can choose their electricity from a number of suppliers. Prior to that, residents were all required to rely solely on one publicly-owned utility provider to deliver their energy services and were only offered one price based on that company’s ability to produce. Deregulation opens up the market to competition, and now customers have the ability to select from a number of different electricity companies.

When you choose Town Square Energy as your supplier, the only part of your bill that changes is the rate for your electricity supply. Your local Utility will continue to service your meter and infrastructure that handles the delivery of your power – and will also handle a power outage. Switching couldn’t be any easier.

Wholesale energy experts

We are a residential and commercial electricity provider with an in-house team of wholesale energy experts. As a group, we understand the energy markets and look for ways to bring different price plans to our customers. Our goal is to deliver rates and packages that are simple to understand. This makes it easy for all our customers to know what they are selecting when switching to our service.

The basics of Variable and Fixed electricity rates

All markets fluctuate regularly. The electricity market is no different. We know that energy prices will fluctuate throughout the year. The price and market volatility is usually associated with the variations of supply and demand, and the weather can play a big role in the market conditions.

Depending on your needs, Town Square Energy provides a mix of both Fixed and Variable rates. Variable rates can vary throughout the year but offer the greatest level of flexibility, as customers can exit out of a variable rate plan at any time without penalty. This is a great option if you’d like to try us out, or if ‘flexibility’ is your priority.

Fixed rates come with a term length, and the rate will be fixed throughout that term. Customers that place stability as a priority will usually opt for a Fixed rate plan with a predetermined term length. Town Square Energy usually offers Fixed rates with term lengths that range from short to long term. Such terms lengths can vary from as little as 4 months to over 20 months, depending on the plan. Fixed rates are great if you’d like to lock in a rate and not worry about variations in the energy market.

Support and services

Town Square Energy offers a number of package and payment options, to give you plenty of choices to best meet your residential or commercial electricity needs.  We provide:

  • Clear and comprehensible plans
  • A variety of service terms, ranging from 4 months to over 20 months (depending on the territory)
  • We offer 100% renewable energy plans, where usage is offset by renewable energy credits
  • Convenient customer service hours
  • A self-serve website

You can contact our Customer Care team in the following ways:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat Service
  • SMS

Let us help you find the plan that best fits your needs, whether residential or commercial.