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Town Square Energy provides choice in the electricity market

At Town Square Energy, we use the power of market competition to deliver alternatives to your regular electric supplier. By working in a number of deregulated markets throughout the United States we have the expertise and necessary to anticipate trends and the knowledge to use that to your advantage.

Energy provision has been deregulated in the state of Ohio since 2001. Prior to that, residents were all required to rely solely on one publicly-owned utility provider to provide their energy services, and were only offered one price based upon that company’s ability to produce. Deregulation opens up the market to competition, and now people have the ability to select from a number of different electricity companies, each of which wants your business. Competition drives lower costs by helping companies provide better service, and allowing customers access to more choice.

Experts in wholesale energy

We are a residential and commercial electricity provider with the ability to make a big difference in your energy costs. As wholesale energy experts, we work directly with every major residential and business electricity utility supplier in your area to provide extra value in your rates. Energy wholesalers like Town Square Energy do not actually deliver electricity to your home. That responsibility remains with your local utility company, which means you will not notice any change in services if you switch.

Our familiarity with energy providers means that we can be completely transparent with our clients at all times, a value that we pride ourselves on. We understand electricity from its generation to its delivery to its use, and use that understanding to find excellent opportunities for our clients. We want our clients to feel comfortable that they are working with an electricity provider that truly has their best interests in mind.

Electricity is important to everyone, and we strive to maintain rigid standards for the sake of those who trust us in its reliable provision.

Comparing variable and fixed electricity rates

We know that energy delivery costs rise in the winter, and this is because of vastly increased usage. Cities that consistently suffer cold winters like Cleveland and Cincinnati can certainly attest to this reality. Electricity rates can also rise during other times of the year – especially during a hot Columbus summer. We are able to plan ahead for these inevitabilities and purchase a large number of kilowatt hours ahead of time when rates are more affordable, and then we pass that onto our clients.

And even though always keep costs down for those who choose a variable rate package, there is never a penalty for switching to another method of billing. In fact, we encourage it! We send out notices before we predict that rates will rise (such as in the fall) to encourage business and home owners to switch to a more predictable fixed rate contract.

We never pressure

Town Square Energy is dedicated to providing excellent rates and service for each and every one of our clients. By remaining as transparent as we possibly can, we enjoy serving customers because we are confident in our products and pricing.

We never vary rates by city or location, our prices are never promotional and we never penalize for switching plans. In fact, we encourage it. When we anticipate rates will rise, our clients can expect a notification from us with alternate plan options. Because of our position in the marketplace, we are always able to deliver really good value.

For those who would like to try us first, we provide a 3-month (risk-free) fixed rate package that is perfect for getting to know us.

Your Town Square Energy Plans

Town Square Energy offers a number of package and payment options, which deliver plenty of choices to best meet your residential or commercial electricity needs.

  • We have clear and easy to understand plans
  • We provide a number of different service terms, such as shorter 3- or 4-month terms and longer 3-year terms
  • A 100% renewable energy plan, where usage is offset by wind-generated electricity generation credits
  • Short-term rates at great prices meet the needs of all customers
  • Secure long-term rates provide stability
  • Minimal use of cancellation and enrolment fees

More services from Town Square Energy

We keep our marketing costs at a minimum to ensure that we can keep your energy costs low as well. We are also dedicated to the environment, and we encourage everyone to keep an eye on their usage to truly enjoy the lowest costs you can. We are always looking for alternative ways to help lower your electric bill, such as with smart meters, tips on energy reducing usage habits, and assisting you in switching from a variable to fixed-rate package (or vice-versa) when appropriate.

We offer:

  • Smart thermostats and usage meters
  • Energy-reduction strategies
  • 100% renewable energy packages

Every Ohio client has access to our superb customer service center, where we offer extended hours of support. Our knowledgeable client care experts are available through our toll-free numbers, our online chat system or by email to ensure your questions are answered when you have them.

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