Rhode Island’s Electric Supplier


Who is Town Square Energy?

Town Square Energy is a residential and commercial, community-based electric provider. We aim to provide our customers with a great alternative to their current electricity Utility. Give us a chance to earn your trust and serve you to the highest customer service standards.

As wholesale electricity experts, we can anticipate trends in the market conditions. Rhode Island is a deregulated state, and that allows consumers to choose their electricity supplier as they would their phone or cable company. With greater choices comes convenience and many more rate options and term lengths when compared to the local utility offers.

Town Square Energy –  energy experts

Town Square Energy has years of experience in the wholesale energy markets. Our in-house team of energy experts ensures that our rates and plans are relevant to the current conditions in the energy markets. Having this expertise on board allows us to provide a wide range of energy rates and packages with varying term lengths and options. Every customer is different, as we understand that one energy plan does not fit all.

Variable and Fixed electricity rates explained

Which is rate option is better? It all depends on your circumstances as to which – Variable or Fixed rate – is preferable.

Generally, when usage goes up – such as during Rhode Island winters – the market rates will generally go up, and when demand lessens, Variable prices generally come down as well. This is typically what is seen in the market, but it isn’t always that simple. However, understanding the relationship between the seasonal demands of electricity, variable rates can become somewhat predictable. Variable pricing can offer a great opportunity if you pay attention.

Fixed rates, on the other hand, will provide a uniform rate across a term length. The term can last anywhere from 4 months to well over 20 months, depending on the price plan. Choosing a Fixed rate offers customers with a price stability that might be beneficial during times of market fluctuations.

At Town Square Energy, our goal is to provide our customers with a clear alternative to their current local utility. Our pricing is simple, transparent, and stated up-front when you enroll online or via telephone, and then reconfirmed in your official Welcome Letter.

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Town Square Energy’s plans and terms

It is our goal to provide alternative rates and plans for customers. We do this by offering:

  • Simple and easy to understand plans
  • A variety of term lengths and options, ranging anywhere from 4 months to extra long-term plans that may reach beyond 20 months, depending on the state and utility.
  • 100% renewable energy options are also available
  • Simple to use website offering rates and plans in real-time
  • Easy enrollment forms that make switching to Town Square a simple process
  • Convenient hours of operation
  • Customer Care support by phone, email, chat and SMS

Support and services

Town Square Energy provides you with you several ways to communicate with us. With convenient hours of operation, you will always have your questions answered.

You can contact our Customer Care team in the following ways:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat Service
  • SMS

Let us help you find the plan that best fits your needs, whether residential or commercial.