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Want To Pay 15% Less For Your Home’s Electricity?

It’s a simple comparison:

9.515*  vs.  7.99**

Try us out. This special promotional rate is for all residents living in Rhode Island paying the current standard National supply rate of 9.515¢/kWh. Enrollment is free and cancel your service any time without penalty.

*National Grid Standard Supply-rate as of 10/1/2017

Compare this rate to the National Grid rate in Rhode Island of 9.515¢/kWh.



**Your new rate of 7.99¢/kWh with Town Square Energy will remain fixed through your last meter read in December of 2017.



Your plan will automatically renew after your last meter read of 2017 to a new rate of 9.39¢/kWh and remain fixed through your last meter read in December of 2018.



Enrollment is free. You may cancel any time without fees or shop for a new Town Square Energy electric plan any time during your term.


TIP! Do you fill up your car with gas before knowing what the price is per gallon? Of course not. So why do you pay your electric bill without knowing what you’re being charged for electricity?

Even if you decide not to be a Town Square Energy customer, we encourage all people to call their utility or check their bill from time-to-time. Its a good habit to know what you’re being charged!


Ready to Continue?

Once you submit your enrollment information we will send that information securely to your utility to inform them that you are now purchasing your electric supply from Town Square Energy. Depending on where you are at in your meter read cycle, you could see your new rate as quickly as your next electric bill.

We will also send you confirmation of your new electric rate and the full terms of your plan to both the e-mail you provide and a welcome letter to your service address.


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