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Terms of Service – Connecticut


Effective June 2013
Version 2.2

The following is your Terms of Service (“Agreement”) with Town Square Energy, LLC (“TSE”), for the purchase of residential or small commercial electric service. This Agreement applies to all residential customers. Small commercial service refers to accounts that fall under one of the following: CL&P rate 30, CL&P rate 35, or UI rate GS. TSE agrees to sell, and Customer agrees to buy the quantity of electricity delivered to you, as measured or estimated by your local distribution company (“LDC”). The words “we”, “us”, and “our” and “TSE” refer to Town Square Energy, and the words “you” and “your” refer to the Customer. Retain this agreement for your records.

This Agreement reflects the entire agreement between you and TSE, and supersedes any oral or written statements made in connection with Supply Service. Any changes to this Agreement must be made in writing. This Agreement is subject to any future legislation; orders, rules, or regulations of the CT PURA; or tariff or policy changes of the Local Utility. These changes are beyond the control of TSE, and may impact the terms and/or price of this Agreement. We will attempt to notify you of such changes within a reasonable time after TSE receives notice.

Contact Information
In the event of an emergency or power outage you should call the utility company that supplies power to your local area: Connecticut Light and Power at 800-286-2000 or The United Illuminating Company at 800-722-5584.

For questions concerning your rate, service initiation, or service cancellation, please contact TSE using the following contact information:

Town Square Energy
16233 Kenyon Avenue, Suite 210
Lakeville, MN 55044
Customer Service: 1-877-430-0093
Fax: 1-952-898-3571

ACCESS TO CUSTOMER INFORMATION: By entering into this agreement, you agree that your LDC may release to us certain information that we need to provide you with service, including but not limited to your address, telephone number, account numbers, historical usage information, peak electricity demand and payment history. We will not give or sell your information to any unaffiliated third party without your consent unless we are required to do so by law.

SERVICE: TSE will supply all the electricity that you need for your home or business. TSE is a retail marketer of electricity and not your Local Utility. The Local Utility will continue to deliver electricity to your home or business, read your meter, bill you, and make repairs. The Local Utility will also respond to emergencies and they will remain your point of contact in the case of power outage.

SERVICE INTERRUPTION: You acknowledge and understand that your local utility company remains responsible for delivery of electrical power to you.  In no event shall TSE or any person or entity affiliated with TSE be deemed responsible for service interruption or any other problem with the delivery of electrical power to you.

RIGHT TO RESCIND: You have the right to rescind this agreement without penalty within 3 business days of your receipt of our confirmation of this Agreement by contacting us by telephone at 1-877-430-0093 or by sending an e-mail to Any cancellation after the third business day shall be subject to the “Cancellation/Termination” provisions.

SERVICE TERM: This agreement will be effective for each account, commencing upon the third business day following receipt of your enrollment request. Depending on which plan you have selected, your service under this Agreement is provided under either a fixed-rate (“term”) product or a variable-price (“month-to-month”) product. If you are a new Customer, your selected product will become effective on the day your service begins with TSE, which coincides with the date your meter is read by the LDC. Because this date is determined by your LDC, TSE is not able to commit to a specific date for the commencement of service. If you are currently a TSE Customer and are switching to another product, your selected product will become effective on the next meter read date following your request to switch to the new plan. If you have a fixed term agreement with us and it is approaching the expiration date, you will receive notification from us within 60 days of the initial term expiration date (as described in your welcome letter from TSE) in which we will explain your options to you.

PRICING: For Customers on a fixed rate plan, the rate you pay TSE for generation service is described in your welcome letter. Customers on a variable rate plan  may find updated pricing related to their product on TSE’s website:, but are encouraged to call 1-877-430-0093 to verify their current rate with a representative. In each case, pricing reflects “full requirements” electric service.


Monthly Variable Rate: customers can expect that their rate to change on a monthly basis. The initial rate is specified in the welcome letter. Term of service is month to month, and there is no cancellation or change fee. Customers on a monthly variable rate may elect to switch to another one of Town Square Energy’s products at any time, free of charge.
Variable Rate: customers can expect their rate to change within a given billing cycle. The initial rate is specified in the welcome letter. Term of service is month to month, and there is no cancellation or change fee. Customers on a variable rate may elect to switch to another one of Town Square Energy’s products at any time, free of charge.
Fixed Rate: electricity price is fixed for the initial term. Rate, term, and cancellation fee (if applicable) are specified in the details of the welcome letter. The initial term begins on the date of the first meter read after the utility has accepted the customer’s enrollment with Town Square Energy. Depending on the customer’s billing cycle, it may take 60 days or longer before the customer receives a bill reflecting the new energy provider and rate. When the initial term is within 60 days of expiration, customers will be notified and offered a chance to select a new energy product to begin service immediately following their initial term. Current product offerings can always be found at Customers that do not make a choice will be automatically placed on Town Square Energy’s applicable monthly variable rate at the expiration of their initial term.
Promotional Rate: customer’s electricity price is fixed for the initial term, and then automatically reverts to a monthly variable rate. The initial price and term of the fixed rate are specified in the details of the welcome letter. The term of service is month to month, and there is no cancellation or change fee. Customers on a monthly variable rate may elect to switch to another one of Town Square Energy’s products at any time, free of charge.
100% Renewable Rate: customers choosing the 100% renewable add-on to their standard product should follow the basic product descriptions for variable, monthly variable, or fixed rate to understand their energy service. Town Square Energy will procure and retire renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset 100% of the kWh usage for each customer account selecting the 100% renewable option. Renewable energy facilities generating the RECs will vary, and may include a combination of regional or national sources such as wind, renewable biomass, solar, small-scale hydro. Further details regarding sources of renewable energy may be included in the welcome letter.

BILLING AND PAYMENT: You will receive one monthly bill from your LDC that includes the TSE generation charge and the delivery charges each with taxes thereon. You will make payments for both the TSE generation charge and the delivery charges directly to your LDC in accordance with your LDC’s payment terms. Please consult your LDC’s tariffs for information regarding late fees on delinquent payments, termination of service for non-payment, security deposits, payment arrangement plans, and other payment and credit terms.

CANCELLATION/TERMINATION and NOTICE PERIOD: Town Square Energy requests that fixed-rate customers provide 60 days’ notice and variable or monthly variable rate customers provide 15 days’ notice if they wish to terminate this agreement. To cancel this agreement, you may call or email TSE at the contact information provided above. When you cancel services, you agree to pay for the services provided by TSE through the date you are switched to another electric supplier or returned to the LDC for service. Your cancellation will not be effective until the next regularly scheduled meter-reading date which follows the date on which Town Square gives the LDC notice of your cancellation request. You are responsible for all charges incurred through the date on which cancellation is effected by the LDC in addition to any early cancellation fee specified in your welcome letter.

TERMINATION BY TOWN SQUARE: In accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those governing termination of service, TSE reserves the right to terminate this agreement : i) if your LDC is unable to read your meter for 3 consecutive months, or ii) if at some future date there is a change in any law, regulation, market rule or tariff that materially impairs TSE’s ability to fulfill its obligations under this agreement.  We will provide you with at least 15 days’ prior written notice of our intent to terminate this agreement for any of the reasons specified in i) or ii) above. In addition we reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time for our convenience with advance written notice to you of at least 30 days. Upon termination of the agreement by you or us, you will be responsible for all TSE generation charges incurred hereunder until your account is transferred to the LDCs standard service or to another competitive electricity supplier.

COMPLAINTS AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Please contact a TSE customer service representative by telephone at 1-877-430-0093 or via email at if you have questions or complaints regarding your bill or our service. If you are not satisfied with our attempt to resolve the problem, you may seek assistance from the Connecticut PURA or request information from PURA regarding your consumer protection rights under this agreement. PURA may be contacted, toll free within Connecticut, at 1-800-382-4586 or at 1-860-827-2622 from outside of the State. PURA’s email address for general contact is

ASSIGNMENT: This agreement shall extend to and be binding upon our respective successors and permitted assigns; provided, however, that you may not assign this agreement without our prior written consent. We may sell, transfer, pledge, encumber, or assign the accounts receivable and revenues derived from this Agreement (or any proceeds thereof) in connection with any financing agreement, purchase of receivables program or other billing services arrangement. In addition, we may assign our rights and obligations hereunder to an affiliate of TSE, any person or entity succeeding to all or substantially all of the assets of TSE, or to a competitive supplier licensed to do business in Connecticut. We shall provide you with 30 days’ written notice of any such assignment. Any such assignee shall agree in writing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and, following such agreement, TSE shall have no further obligations hereunder.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: TSE’s liability in connection with this Agreement shall not exceed the amount of your largest monthly invoice for electric generation service during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding termination of this agreement. Except as otherwise provided herein, neither party shall be liable to the other for any indirect, special, consequential (including lost profits or revenues), incidental, indirect or punitive damages for claims arising hereunder.

ACCEPTANCE: This agreement shall not become effective until accepted by TSE. Customer acknowledges that it has received and read the Customer Service Plan. The Customer Service Plan, which may be modified from time to time in accordance with CT PURA rules, shall govern TSE’s provision of Supply Service under this Agreement.

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