Your Electric Bill

Think of it like gas prices.

Prices rise and fall on a daily basis. Price per gallon today was different than two weeks ago. Imagine if you could lock-in a price per gallon with the gas station for the entire year… would you do it?

Historically, the colder in your area during winter, the more dollars on your electric bill, right? Town Square Energy protects customers who enroll with a “fixed rate” that remains the same for the period of the plan (typically 3,6,12 month periods). Most of our plans are not only lower than the current utility rate but also remain locked in for duration of the plan.

So, just like gas prices/usage, your bill will vary based on your behavior, but the rate you pay, will be the same for the entire year.

Enrollment fees?

Enrollment fees are required for certain plans to ensure a customer’s rate. Because rates go up and down based on the daily electric markets, rates and plans are affected daily. Enrollment fees lock-in the current rate offering especially when the current rate is low or before a forecasted jump in electric costs (example, before the winter months). However, enrollment fees are not required and Town Square offers plenty of plans without these fees.

Why does my rate change?

Town Square Energy wants to pass along as much savings to our customers as possible and because we can offer rates lower initially with these plans, we do. Typically, the jumps in rates you see equate to only a few dollars per month. However, both rates are typically below the utility cost no matter what.