Find out why thousands of customers are enjoying Town Square Energy and why word of mouth has spread so quickly. We are proud of what we have been able to offer our customers. Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial energy consumer, we have compiled 10 reasons of why you should consider Town Square Energy as your electricity supplier.

1.  We Are Wholesale Energy Experts

Can the same be said about your supplier? We have years of experience with electricity, and our expertise allows us to go straight to the market for our power. This benefits you by offering you better prices, and provides you with superior information and disclosure. With our assistance, we can help you make better decisions about your electricity needs. 

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Town Square Energy No Hidden Fees MEDIUM

2.  No Hidden Fees

No worries – our prices are all inclusive. We don’t like surprises and we bet you don’t either. Our pricing is designed to be clear and transparent – what you see is what you pay! All the information you need about pricing is clearly stated up-front when you enroll online or via phone, and is confirmed in your Welcome Letter.

3.  Risk Free

You can sign up with us – RISK FREE!  Many of our products do not have cancellation fees. We want you to feel confident with the choosing Town Square Energy as your electricity supplier. We offer a complete range of products to suit all your energy needs as a Residential or Commercial customer. Try us out, and see for yourself that we are everything we say we are  and more.


4.  Great Low Rates

Great prices – it`s what we are known for! We understand electricity, and we are always up for the challenge to offer you exceptional  value. Our competitive rates are here to stay. Our vision is to build long-term relationships with you, and we want you to always count on Town Square for your long term energy needs.

5.  True Variable Pricing

We are proud to offer variable rates that are transparent to energy consumers!  We offer a true variable price that reflects real energy market fluctuations.   If market prices go up, our variable price will respond by also going up. When market prices come down, our variable price will respond by also coming down. This gives you better control to foresee trends in seasonal price fluctuations, and you can respond more strategically.  Our rate terms are flexible and without penalty, so moving into a more secure rate is always your option.  

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6.  Free Support

Contact us for support, our staff is here to help! If you need help with your electricity service, you can reach us on our Toll Free number and speak to someone. You can also email us with your questions for a speedy reply. It doesn’t matter what market segment you are in, if you have a question, no matter how technical, we will have the answer for you.

7.  No Pressure Sales

We do not pressure you to switch your service. We will provide you with all the answers you need, but the decision to switch to Town Square is in your hands. We know that if you are happy with your decision, and with our service, that you will become one of the thousands of customers that already raving about us to their friends and family. 

8.  Unique Products

We offer products that others won’t. Towns Square Energy is proud to offer short and long-term fixed-rates for Residential and Commercial Customers. Our long-term rates are very popular with customers that want the long term “peace of mind” and not worry about seasonal price spikes. Do you need long term price stability?

Town Square also offers great value in our renewable electricity. Our 100% Green products offer  a great alternative for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Be eco-friendly and choose 100% Green Electricity!

We also offer our True Variable Rate, that actually tracks the true cost of energy.

9.  We Answer To Customers – Directly!

We answer directly to you, our customer.  Our commitment is to you, your organization or your company, and our open communication with you is what makes Town Square Energy unique. By reducing our Marketing and Sales costs, we are able to pass better rates onto you. 

Town Square Energy Excellence

10.  We Strive For Excellence

We strive for excellence every time! We listen to your needs and your feedback is a very important part of our business process. We continually push to make ourselves better. It makes us look good, but it’s even better for you. Tell us what you need for your electricity needs!