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Town Square Energy has thousands of customers who have chosen to take charge of their electric bill. Our customers choose Town Square not only as their electric supplier but also as a partner in energy.



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Town Square supplies competitive electric rates as an alternative to 27 utility markets in 8 states nationwide. Every one of these markets allows us to compete and offer benefits to every electric consumer living under these utilities. Overall, if your home is under one of these utilities, we can serve you.



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Town Square is not only privileged, but we feel we are part of the communities we serve. Electricity is needed by everyone and we feel it is our responsibility to provide choices to electric consumers to make informed decisions that work to their benefit.

  • We are fully licensed and regulated to provide our services in the states and utilities we market

  • We are fully transparent in our pricing and offers.

  • We not only strive to save you money on your electric rate but provide services and products that will curb electric consumption.


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