TSE offers customers choice

Every successful Maryland business needs a reliable, affordable supply of electricity in order to serve its customers effectively. Town Square Energy offers all of the commercial electricity services your company needs, with fair, consistent pricing across the state. We aim to provide a higher level of customer service, and back that goal up by supplying educational resources, smart technology, and assistance in making your business more energy efficient. With Town Square Energy, you can choose from variable and fixed-rate plans so that you can purchase electricity in the way that best suits your budget.

Town Square Energy believes in the power of deregulated electricity markets. What’s the difference between a regulated and deregulated electricity market? In short, regulated markets stifle competition. In states with regulated electricity markets, customers don’t get the opportunity to choose their provider. One private electric company serves the whole state. You can either buy your electricity from that company, or go without.

Competition is important. It leads to better service for customers, and ultimately to lower energy rates. Most importantly, it gives customers a choice when selecting a business electricity supplier. At Town Square Energy, we strive to earn the business of our customers. That means you can always expect fair electricity rates, high-quality customer service, and pricing plans that suit the unique needs of your business. We’d aim to offer excellent service no matter what the market looked like, but we believe deregulated markets provide us with the best opportunity to serve our customers.

TSE is proud to share its energy expertise

The team at Town Square Energy takes pride in its energy expertise, and we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to share that expertise with our customers. When you have electricity questions, we have answers. Our deep knowledge of electricity markets, production, and distribution allow us to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your energy purchase and use. We keep a constant eye on electricity markets, to ensure our customers get the best rates possible based on the conditions of the moment.

As an accredited wholesale electricity company, Town Square Energy has unrivaled purchasing power. We buy kilowatt hours in bulk, which allows us to secure electricity at reduced rates. When we find value, we pass it on to you. Purchasing in bulk ultimately allow us to offer the best possible electricity rates, every day of the year. We also put our expertise to work by making it as easy as possible to switch to Town Square Energy. When you switch, your service will be uninterrupted and your electricity will still be supplied by your local provider. In fact, the biggest change you’ll notice will be the much lower electricity rates on your monthly bill.

Choose from variable and fixed-rate pricing plans

Have you ever noticed that your electricity rates tend to be highest during the summer and winter months? Like any market, the electricity market is in a constant state of change. There are many factors that influence the price of electricity, but demand is usually the big-ticket item. When the first summer heatwave hits Columbia and Baltimore, everyone in the area turns on their fans and air-conditioners to beat the heat. High demand leads to increased rates from commercial electricity providers, which is why your electricity bill looks higher during the months when extreme weather is most common. Rates can even change based on time of day, especially during the summer when the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures is most stark.

The experts at Town Square Energy understand the complexity of electricity markets, so we’ve developed variable and fixed-rate pricing plans that allow our customers to take advantage of favorable market conditions. Variable pricing reflects the current conditions of the market at the time you’re using electricity, so your price will rise and fall based on the market. It’s the perfect choice for customers who understand how and when they use electricity. Fixed-rate pricing is constant, so that you’ll pay the same rate regardless of the market and can count on budgeting a consistent price for electricity.

For most customers, a mix of both plans is ideal. We suggest that you switch between variable and fixed-rate pricing, depending on the time of year and other market factors. Fixed-rate pricing is the ideal choice during the summer and winter, when rates tend to spike. Variable pricing is best for temperate times of year when demand is lower. We believe so strongly in switching between plans that we send our customers reminders when the ideal moment to switch plans arrives.

A no-pressure approach to electricity

The team at Town Square Energy takes a different approach to marketing our company, compared to what you’re used to from most energy companies. We’re not interested in high-pressure sales tactics, and we’ll never push you to make a decision when you’re not ready to decide. Running a business is challenging, and we’re here to help ensure that your energy needs are met without any hassle. That’s why we offer variable pricing, and why we rarely ever charge fees for cancellation. Your business deserves the same quality service no matter where it’s located, and how much electricity it requires. Town Square Energy offers a no-pressure environment to all of our customers.

Resources at your disposal

When steamy summer heat overtakes the Germantown area, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your energy bills. With Town Square Energy, great rates are only just the start of how we help our customers. We’re also here to offer all of the advice you need to become more energy efficient. We’ll help you understand how you use electricity at your business, and identify opportunities to lower your cost. We want you to get the most value possible for your energy dollar.

Technology is a major part of our commitment to customers. We carefully consider every new tool that hits the market, before deciding whether it’s right for our customers. Smart meters, which help you to better understand your energy use, are just one of the many technological tools available from Town Square Energy.

TSE offers variety in plans and terms

For business owners, there’s little more frustrating than identifying a great deal on something you need, only to learn in the small print that the offer isn’t available to customers in your area. With Town Square Energy, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. We offer the same rates and quality service across Maryland. Better yet, since our rates aren’t promotional, you can be confident that you’re getting the best price from day one forward.

We’re more than happy to earn your business, so we offer a three-month, risk-free trial to customer who want to find out what Town Square Energy is all about. Our customer service staff is available to answer your questions via phone and email at the time most convenient for you. Why wait? Experience the Town Square difference for yourself.