Going Green-G



oing “Green” in 2017, and offsetting one’s personal carbon footprint, is a lot simpler than you think. Consumer choice to become more environmentally friendly is the reason for year-over-year increase in hybrid and electric car sales’, home automation devices that curb energy consumption, and millions of home owners installing massive solar panels systems to harness the sun’s energy. Although these methods equate to massive carbon offset, they require a large upfront investment. 


Go Green With Any “Power Your World” Energy Plans From Town Square Energy Will Offset 100% Of Your Home’s Energy Usage. Not Only Will You Be Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint, Almost All Of Our Green Energy Plans Are At A Lower Rate Than The Utility.


-Anyone living in our service area paying an electric bill can enroll in a 100% Green Energy Plan. This includes apartments, condos, and other housing not able to utilize renewable energy equipment such as solar panels.

-There is no set-up or disruption of your current electric service.

-There is no need to purchase any additional equipment or retrofits.

-Your energy use will be offset 100% via Renewable Energy Credits from wind-powered generation sources.


How To Enroll

Enrolling in a Green Energy Plan takes less than five minutes which you can do online here by entering your zip code and selecting any “Power Your World” energy plans or by calling customer service team at 1-877-430-0093. Getting a quote is free and most of our Green Energy Plans have free enrollment.






*Rates shown are for comparison purposes only. Actual rates and savings may be different depending on your service area. Rates from both Eversource and Town Square Energy are subject to change.