Town Square Energy provides choice in the electricity market

As wholesale energy experts, Town Square energy uses sophisticated market analysis to produce rates and plans that are relevant to the current market conditions. New Hampshire is a deregulated state, and that allows energy consumers to choose their electricity supplier as they would their phone or cable company. With choice comes convenience and many more rate options and term lengths when compared to the local utility offers.

As a community-based residential and commercial electricity provider, Town Square Energy aims to provide our customers with a great alternative to their local electric Utility. Give us a chance to build your trust and serve you to the highest of standards.

Prior to energy deregulation in State of New Hampshire, residents were all required to rely solely on one publicly-owned utility provider to deliver their energy services, and we only offered one price based upon that utility’s ability to produce. Deregulation opens up the market to competition, and now people have the ability to select from a number of different electricity companies, each of which provides residential, and sometimes, commercial services. Town Square Energy is a leading alternative and a top choice for your electricity needs.

Experts in wholesale energy

As wholesale energy experts, Town Square Energy follows the energy market closely, looking for areas of opportunity and value. We work directly with every major residential and business electricity utility supplier in your area to provide extra value in your rates. Our familiarity with energy markets means that we can produce simple-to-understand plans and rates that are great alternatives to your current local provider.  We understand electricity from its generation to its delivery and that understanding is the backbone to our electricity products.

As a third party electric supplier, Town Square Energy does not deliver electricity to your home. That responsibility remains with your local utility company. They will also handle your electric meter reads and support for your electricity flow. This means that you will continue to deal with your local utility company in the case of an emergency. All you need from us is the alternative electricity plan. It’s that simple!

Comparing Variable and Fixed electricity rates

We know that energy costs can rise in the winter, and this is usually a result of higher consumption. Cities that consistently suffer cold winters like Manchester and Nashua can certainly relate to this reality. Electricity rates can also rise during other times of the year – especially during a hot summer. As such, market prices tend to rise and fall throughout the year. Understanding the difference between Variable and Fixed rates can help you in your energy decision making process.

Variable rates can vary throughout the year, depending on market conditions. They also offer great flexibility as there isn’t a set term length to follow. You can always move away from a Variable rate at any time without penalty.

Fixed rates offer stability during times of market volatility. Customers may choose a Fixed rate as a way to have a predictable rate and don’t mind being within a term length throughout the contract. Term lengths can vary from a short 4 month term to a length longer than 20 months, depending on the price plan.

Your Town Square Energy Plans

Town Square Energy offers a number of package and payment options, which deliver plenty of choices to best meet your residential or commercial electricity needs. In New Hampshire we offer:

  • Clear and easy to understand plans
  • Quick and simple enrollment forms
  • We provide a number of different service terms, such as short 4-month terms to longer than 20-month terms
  • 100% renewable (green) energy plans may also be available. These plans include renewable energy produced by wind
  • Convenient hours of operation
  • Customer Care support by phone, email, chat and SMS

Support and services

Town Square Energy provides you with you several ways to communicate with us. With convenient hours of operation, you will always have your questions answered.

You can contact our Customer Care team in the following ways:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat Service
  • SMS

Let us help you find the plan that best fits your needs, whether residential or commercial.