In Connecticut, winter storms can be unpredictable, and a moderate snowfall can suddenly turn into a blizzard with low visibility, wind-driven snow and freezing temperatures that can last for several days. Some winter storms are large enough to cover several states, others affect only single communities. Winter storms can bring strong winds, icing, freezing rain and low temperatures.

Regardless of the severity of a winter storm, you should be prepared to stay safe during these events.

If you experience an outage, please call your local utility through your mobile or pc to report it. Don’t assume that your neighbour will report the outage. The sooner you report it, the sooner your utility can deliver a course of action.

During an emergency, please contact your local utility.

  • Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) – 800-286-2000
  • The United Illuminating Company (UI) – 800-722-5584


  • Make sure to have a storm kit and have it ready. Include batteries, flashlights, sources of heat and non-perishable food items
  • If you use a generator, be sure that it is working, and that you follow all safety precautions as outlined by the manufacturer
  • If you use a cell phone, be sure to preserve your battery power. Smart phone users should turn off unecessary phone services to extend battery life
  • If you use medication, be sure to have an adequate supply to last for several days
  • If you or your family members rely on medical equipment that is powered by electricity, be sure to have a supply of back up power or move to an alternative location
  • For more information on disaster services, please contact the American Red Cross at 800-733-2767 (800-RED-CROSS) or online at