Your Utility Delivers The Power We Sell

Just because you pay the utility to deliver power to your home doesn’t mean you have to buy the electricity from them too.

Residents in states like New Hampshire and Massachusetts can purchase their electricity from a 3rd part supplier, and that’s where we come in.

A Simple Comparison

Your utility has a current standard electric rate which is what you are charged per kilo watt hour for your electric supply, the same way you are charged at the gas station per gallon of gas.

Most people love finding great gas prices, so why not shop for your home’s electricity the same way?

Our Invitation to You

We at Town Square Energy know electricity prices are not very exciting to think about but we are inviting you to simply take a look at our special promotional rates in your area and try us out. You might be pleasantly surprised when you receive your next electric bill.

What Happens When You Enroll With Town Square Energy

Complete your enrollment and we alert the utility  your rate has changed with Town Square Energy as your new electric supplier. We will send you a confirmation to the e-mail on file and you will see the changes as soon as your next electric bill. 🙂

A New Rate

You will get a new electric rate that could be as much as 33% below your utility’s current standard supply rate

Zero Fees

Stop Your Shock rates for New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents have free enrollment, zero service fees, and cancel any time without penalty

A Fixed Term

Your new rate will remain fixed (it will not go up or down) for the specified term length

Who We Are

Town Square Energy, headquartered in Gilbert, Az – is among the fastest growing retail electric supply brands operating primarily in the Northeast continental United States.

Town Square Energy provides alternative energy supply rate options to the millions of residential and small commercial utility customers in 8 states and more than 27 utility markets. Our goal is to continue to provide electric rates as an alternative to our customers’ utility and also utilize value-adding options, content, and communications to further educate our markets on the benefit of energy choice.

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